Marikina's Godfather Shoes Ensures Well-paid Employees Despite Sales Dip

Proud of the skills of their shoemakers, the Godfather Shoes of Marikina ensures that they are well-paid despite the loss the company had suffered during the pandemic.

Known for their semi-bespoke leather footwear and customizing shoes depending on the client’s preference, the Godfather Shoes was established by Aaron Angeles. For the company, it is vital that their shoemakers and their clients knew that they value craftsmanship over profitability.

“One of the things we’re very proud of is we pay our shoemakers well. While our products may be quite expensive, a huge portion of our earnings goes to the sapateros (shoemakers),” Matt Lester Matel, head of Godfather’s Metro South branch shares.

“We really want to put value in these shoes. We don’t want to treat them as just a commodity. Ang sukli sa amin (Our reward is), we get high-quality products,” he added.

Personalized Shoes

Customers of the Godfather Shoes can choose their preferred length, width, color for the shoe’s leather, sole, and midsole. They can also have their names engraved on the shoe undersides. The goal is to produce shoes that are both comfortable and durable and, at the same time, finely-crafted and personalized.

“The craftsmanship and the artisan spirit is really there. No one shoe is like the others. It’s like buying artwork. It’s really high-quality, and you will really be proud of what you’ve seen,” he explains.

Though their operations are temporarily stopped, the showroom and marketing employees are still pretty much involved with the business.

They brought their services online and reconfigured work areas to make it compliant to health and safety protocols.

Customers who want to have their shoes customized are invited to a virtual meeting where employees assist them in taking their measurements.

“Instead of an actual visit to our showroom, we do Zoom calls, Facebook Messenger calls where we show them our products and give them instructions on how to measure their feet properly,” he says.

Article from Business News PH

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