What Godfather Shoes CEO Can Teach You About Business Amid Pandemic

In the past years, men are becoming more focused on their appearance and started to invest in grooming and fashion purchases. Just like some women – who enjoy shopping for bags and stilettos – a number of men see fashion items such as a dapper suit, a well-tailored overcoat, and a decent pair of leather shoes as a good investment. 

People say that our eyes might be the window to the soul, but shoes are the window to just about everything else. Our choice of shoes and style reflect something about us – you can be the classic guy who wears oxford shoes, or a social animal who buys a cool and trendy pair of sneakers every quarter. We all have our style, and that is the fashion right that should never be influenced by people around us. Just do you. Nevertheless, whatever your style is, it is always important to step up your shoe game as much as possible. 

Shoes for true gentlemen

For those who want to dress like a true gentleman, we just found a local shoe brand that offers premium quality leather shoes that would step up your desired gentleman aesthetics like no other. Godfather Shoes, a Marikina-based shoe brand, produces personalized, world-class shoe masterpieces for men that are made with only top-quality materials. Currently, they already have four showrooms across the country – Marikina, Metro South, Pampanga, and Cebu.  In an exclusive interview with its Founder & CEO Aaron Angeles, he talked about how his brand, its style and aesthetics, and what makes Godfather Shoes special and truly top-notch.

Prior to having his shoe brand, Aaron always knew that he always has the heart of a businessman. For years, he worked for a bank company and he had been required to wear business attire and formal shoes every day – and looking for a perfect pair of leather shoes that values comfortability and affordability is not easy. Hence, giving him the idea to start his own shoe business that will cater to every man’s preferences on shoes and style. 

I tried looking for the perfect shoes that are comfortable enough to be worn daily, and it was then that I realized that we have limited choices here. When you look at the shoe market in the Philippines, you will see shoes that are either beautifully designed but expensive and uncomfortable or very comfortable but not aesthetically pleasing. 

Godfather shoes aim to solve this problem by creating shoes that have all – beautifully designed, comfortable, affordable for its value, and whose quality can be at par with other international brands.”

Filipino-made shoes are world-class

According to Aaron, Godfather Shoes aims to be the brand that will be a benchmark in the local shoemaking industry. He always believes that our shoe products have always been outstanding in quality and can compete in international markets. 

“Everything from the logo and brand name up to the actual finished product, we want it to be able to compete in the International market.” 

The city of Marikina is known as the ‘shoe capital of the Philippines’ and home for top-notch quality footwear at an unbelievably affordable price point. More than its affordability and high level of comfortability, Godfather Shoes values the varying preferences of men in design and aesthetics, hence offering a wide variety of styles that would cater to classics, metrosexual, and minimalists. In fact, in recent years, the brand is considered as most sought after shoes for grooms-to-be.  

Pioneering the use of laser engraving to personalize shoes and the use of personalized pine/wooden boxes as packaging, Godfather Shoes is putting its brand name at the forefront in regards to quality, artistry, and customizability. You can choose your preferred color for the leather and you can also choose the color for your shoe’s sole and midsole. If you want to be more extra, you can also get your initials or your name engraved on the sides or undersides of your shoe. How does that sound to you? 

“What separates us from the rest is the way we finish the shoes. The actual formula of the leather paint is made by us. Even the way we apply the paint on the shoes is different. Every pair is never the same. To achieve the perfect outcome, the person painting the shoes must love what he/she is doing. We can liken it to a painter making his/her masterpiece.” 

New Normal for the local shoe industry

In a report by ABS-CBN News, the coronavirus disease pandemic has greatly affected the shoe businesses in Marikina, forcing around 80 percent of shoemakers to halt business operations. Just like most of the businesses, Godfather Shoes lost its income for almost two months and inquiries overwhelmingly dropped as people are now afraid to go out. For these reasons, Aaron had to think of ways to adapt to the new normal setting. Luckily, the brand has successfully shifted to online platforms to sustain its operations.

This pandemic hit us hard. No income for two months, no clients, and very few inquiries because all are afraid to go out. We have employees that we have to take care of and give compensation. It hit all the small-medium enterprises big time. However, we can’t let the pandemic stop our mission and vision. Difficult times determine our values and what we stand for, and I know in my heart that if I don’t do anything for the company, it’s like I’ve let down all the stakeholders including all the Filipinos believing in what we do.” 

During the enhanced community quarantine, Godfather shoes catered to its client via a virtual fitting, wherein conversations are made through video call appointments – product showcasing and assisting clients to get their measurements at home. As the government shift to less strict general community quarantine, clients can now book face-to-face appointments. Rest assured that their showrooms implement safety precautions and for the safety of their client. As of now, the same process has been adapted by other local shoe brands in dealing with clients and inquiries. 

Of course, adapting to the new normal has never been easy. Aaron shared that these unprecedented times taught him to recalibrate his methods and innovate ideas to keep his brand afloat. 

“It made us realize the value of perfectly captured photos and videos to showcase our products. Through this, we were able to show our clients that we are not giving up and that we are continuously doing our best to adapt to the new normal. Our clients are such awesome people  they supported us in these difficult times and they are the reason why we keep on going.” 

Believing in your brand

As a businessman who came from the bottom and understands the struggles towards success and stability, Aaron reminded aspiring entrepreneurs to always believe in their ideas, and of course, make it happen no matter how hard it is.

“Be the # 1 fan of your brand. Be the evangelist of the brand. The one who talks about the brand and the one who has a passion for the brand. You MUST believe in your brand first, so others can believe in it because by not doing so, others won’t have a strong reason to believe in the brand too.” 

If you’re choosing leather shoes for yourself or loved ones, Godfather Shoes is the perfect store for you. Indeed, a brand that values your time and trust, promising products that are nothing but the best. 

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